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Friday, 11-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Im having pollen allergy which is feeling horrible...!

My Bed!! Relaxing time!
Sleep over with my best friend Tomoko
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Hi everybody! How are you doing!?!?
I've been sooo embarassed by pollen allergy lately!!!It's soooo annoying.
Here's some photo from my bed room,I've got huge Brazilian flag recently so that i put it on the ceiling,looks cool!!I love it!!! I love to be relax here at night and that's what I do always!

Take care,

Friday, 4-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
We've just done our final exams!

The Million Dollar Baby f. duck!!!
LnadMarkTower In Yokohama!
Lovely Modern spot**
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Hi!!!!!!How are you everybody doing!?!?
I'm sorry I didn't update this page for a long.We all just have done our final exams and all we gonna do is just being seniors in April!!
Today it was snowing in the morning.yeah that was absolutely crazy!!!!You know high school girls have to wear our school uniforms and we actually prefer to make our skirt shorter,that's the way it is.We just can't help it and the way we like. but today,I truly hoped that we could go to school,wearing jeans or something,not SKIRT! I felt like it was punished to walk to the school this morning! Every morning,i usually go to school by bike and it takes only 5minutes which is really easy.But today was totally different!!!Oh my god...
Anyways,we all so happy to finish our exams! So that i went to Yokohama to hang out with my friends.Here's always our favorite place to hang out for its modernness and entertaiments. So first we saw a movie and were relaxing at Starbucks with Caramel Frappuccino,that yummy one,you know. See me with millionaire glasses kissing a cutie duck!

I miss and love you all very very very much!!!
Please take care!

Saturday, 22-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
SKI in HAKUBA with my friend!

Service area on the way to ski!
Snow mountains!
Yeahhh SKI
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Today I went ski with my friend,he was also an exchange student to Wisconsin in the US in 1997.
The place we did ski was called Hakuba,which is really famous for ski runs.
It was soooo much fun there in snow mountains!!!
But some people know that I was suck skier in Killington Vermont,
yep I'm still sucks... My first glide was absolutely terrible.I fell down many times!!!
2nd,3rd,4th... we kept on and on.And finally I got quite better I guess.
Today I just swore that I will go ski every winter and keep practicing it!! I just want to be good at it as much as I can. And someday I am going to try snow board too!!
It seemed tons of fun that those were doing!
I tried to take better photos today,but i actually couldn't afford to do...sorry that photos here are not good at all.
Anyways,I always hope you all have happy life. Take care...Love and Miss YOU ALL. xoxoxo

Saturday, 1-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
African music concert at school + New Year's tradition!

Minami and Me
Wating for concert...
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A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!2005!!!!!!!!
How are you guys all over the world spending New Year's days?Did you do count down!?
2004 was incredibly great year!!!Because I had sooooo wonderful times with my host families,rotarians,friends and other exchange students in the year! Once I think of 2004,sooo many thing I can remeber.Sooo Many people I can remember.All of them are absolutely great!!!! Once again let me tell you,I really appreciate all of you guys in the US and other countries!!! Yes!!!YOU!!!!YOU made my 2004 completely fantastic!!! Thank you soooo much!!! And please keep in touch over the years!
And,I put pictures of high school here,We had African musicians at our school the other day and they played nice music!!!! It was really great!! On that day,we all didn't have classes so just went to school to enjoy African concert!
And New Year's Eve's mid night,I went to the shrine with my friends to wish new year's hope! It is really traditional thing in Japan.we wait in front of the shrine until turn out to be January 1st 2005! And we went up stairs and threw coins to money offered and wished our hopes!Also we picked a fortune slip which tells us how 2005 will be...and mine was...pretty good actually!! I hope 2005 will be great year as last year!So yours too! and we usually tie the fortune papers we picked around trees or strings at the shrine!I don't know why but it's just the way it is...haha and I also bought a lucky charm which invites happiness as its name!
And I was really impressed by the girls wearing Kimono there!They were really special and beautiful Kimonos! But one thing I was disapponited was...gethering with people at shrine on new year's eve is not that much crazy.I's not like Count Down at Time's square in NY!!! Wishing at shrine is really tradional and spiritual and sacred thing.So they are both different flavor.Both of them are great!In Japan,If you want to get crazy when you count down,you can go on huge passenger ship at the sea and have crazy and fun!Or hang out with friends!! in other way,like this you can taste Japanese traditional new year's! Actually we have some different ways how we spend 0:00 am on January 1st every year!

Wednesday, 22-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
***High School***

Writing an essay in the school library!
My friend,Takeshi
Kaori,Natsuko and Me!
Heyyyy all my dearests in the US!! How are you doing??? Today we had a celemony for closing mid semester!So from today to Junuary 10th we will have winter break! : we couldn't wait!! But unfortunately we all don't have that much time to hang out or go on a trip somewhere...reason why,we have EXAMS on the day we START after winter break!!
After every breaks,we all have exams which affect our grades! Ohhhh....
But not all japanese school are like that.Just my high school is private one and quite strict about study We don't have much time to spend for hanging out over winter break than summer break but I guess this winter break is going to be pretty good.Because I'm going to have job at the post office which will be good experience for me!
Though school study is really hard,I've been having great times with my friends!! Here's some photos from high school.First one,We are writing essay of Japanese class at school library.Second one,he is my friend Takeshi.Third one,me and my friends in the class room.we were just talking after lunch.Usually we talk without limit or walk around out of class room!
As like this,I'm having good school life, but one thing I really feel shame is I can't speak English in my daily life:cry: which make my skill of English worse and worse.I study English hard every single day,but it is for grammer and entrance exams of universities.So I forget how to speak English as a colloquial expression.which is really disappoining...! But for that,I'm planning to have job at some international school in Japan.So I will be able to speak English a lot there! Isn't it good idea?Or the best way to improve my English again is going to the US!! right?? I really hope to do soooooo much!!!!!!!!!
Have a great winter break and holiday season!!!!
I miss all of you guys!!!!

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